“The Art of Happiness” by Arthur Brooks

Strive to want what you have and not have what you want. 

Maximize the four values in the happiness portfolio: faith, family, community, and meaningful work. 

There is a difference between complicated and complex. Complicated problems can be resolved with money and brainpower; once you find the solution, the problem is permanently solved. Complex problems initially seem simpler to understand but can actually never be solved. 

Three strategies for avoiding attachment while enjoying abundance. 

  1. Collect experiences not things. 
  2. Avoid excessive usefulness. 
  3. Get to the center of the wheel. 

Love people and use things. Not the other way around. 

Scientism is the conceit that human problems can be solved like a system of equations- as if people were as predictable as the laws of physics. 

Work, properly understood, is the sacred practice of offering up our talents for the service of others. 

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