About Me

My name is Jeff and I am a Man. Recently, my wife has categorized some of my character traits and they are spot on… First, I like to cook meat on top of vegetables. Second, I like to recharge things. And third, I’m good with yeast. Of course these three traits are not all-encompassing but they’re a good starting point.

To me, being a man means that I have many hats to wear: protector, provider, confidant, just to name a few. With so many different roles to fill it’s hard to just stop and think about things. That brings me to a fourth trait: I like to write things down. This helps me process insights and hopefully make connections across a multitude of topics.

It is from these connections that I can hopefully bring more creativity and success to every aspect of my life to include fun, family, food, finances, and who knows what else. For that reason I think that my pursuit of thought is worth capturing for myself or for others. Maybe from this pursuit I can become a better man or someone else might discover some insights of their own.


All numbered entries are excerpts from the listed book and not my comments on the book. My comments will appear as non-numbered entries or in the “comments” section of the posting. The excerpts are the intellectual property of the cited author.

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