“Always Leave the Office on Time” by Dr. Abdul Kalam


Resources control our lives. Money is the most tangible of these resources but so often we forget that we trade our most valuable resource for money, and that is our time. Much like real estate, there is a finite amount of it, and God isn’t making any more of it. However, unlike real estate, we can’t measure how much we have and more importantly, how much we have left. In a way this makes the value we put on our time invaluable or at least it should. The following seven steps are hopefully a brief reminder that at work, we trade our time for money. That time should therefore be spent in the most efficient manner possible. Are you spending it in a manner that makes you happy? Does this trade add value to your life? It was not until after I started a family that I truly realized the value of time spent with family versus time spent at work. It’s sad that the exchange rate at home and at work aren’t equal. 1. Work is a never-ending process. It can never be completed. 

2. Interest of a client is important, so is your family. 

3. If you fall in your life, neither your boss nor client will offer you a helping hand; your family and friends will. 

4. Life is not only about work, office, and client. There is more to life. You need time to socialize, entertain, relax, and exercise. Don’t let life be meaningless. 

5. A person who stays late at the office is not a hardworking person. Instead he/she is a fool who does not know how to manage work within the stipulated time. He/She is inefficient and incompetent in his work. 

6. You did not study hard and struggle in life to become a machine. 

7. If your boss forces you to work late, he/she may be ineffective and have a meaningless life too. 

Leaving the office on time means that you are efficient, have a good social life, and a quality family life. 
Leaving the office late means that you are either inefficient or incompetent, have no social life, and have less time for family.

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