“The Fastest Route to Rich” by Joe Kita. Men’s Health September 2013.

The following list is another tool featured in yet another Men’s Health Article: “The Fastest Route to Rich” that helps me keep things in perspective. This is not my list. I’m still working on mine. This one belongs to Rolf Illsley. Whenever I see a list like this, it reminds me that dreams are what we keep in our heads; goals are what we write down. I was still struggling with a rough time in my life. Then I read #6 on this list. Although much of what has happened to me is my fault, there was more than a tolerable amount of injustice paid out. Having that darkness in my heart stops me from being able to live a life I’m proud of.

  1. Have a feeling, when I’m 80, of a life well spent.
  2. Stay mentally sane and have self-respect and dignity, and not be lonely.
  3. Enjoy good health.
  4. Get a big charge from what I’m doing. (See “Work Happy”)
  5. Have freedom and some peace of mind. (See “Happy, Happy, Happy”)
  6. Be free of feelings of injustice done to me. (See #27 of More Laws of Modern Man)
  7. Have enough money to help with all of the above.
  8. Be free of disappointment.
  9. Be confident but not egotistical.
  10. Avoid the trap of a large estate. (See “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”)
  11. Make my own decisions and plan my own time.

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