Commitment versus Meaning

From “The Joy of Leadership” by Tal Ben-Shar:

Meaningfulness is about the connection we feel toward an activity- whether we experience it as personally significant and aligned with our ideals. Commitment is about the motivation or energy we bring to the activity- and consequently, how likely we are to persevere in what we’re doing. In his book, which was focused mostly on how young people chose the direction their lives would take, Damon categorized people into four groups- the disengaged, the dreamers, the dabblers, and the purposeful.2019-09-05_12-53-35

So often, many of us speak about the “Grind.” The daily routine… putting your nose to the grindstone… some would even call it “hustle.” But for what purpose? Is there meaning to your commitment? Are you focused on a goal or a purpose? Goals are incremental steps that take us from one place to another. Purpose is the why that describes our actions.

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