Recap of Words of Advice for New Parents

Thank you to all of the parents, friends, and mentors that shared these words of advice with us before the birth of our first child. I managed to make it through the first year without knowing these sage words existed (I missed the baby shower) but it’s never too late to keep making improvements.

  • “This too will pass… nothing lasts forever… especially all nite ‘ups.’”
  • “Don’t worry about how you raise your children because 10 years from now, it will all be wrong.”
  • “Unconditional love… and understanding.”
  • “Always take time to appreciate the little moments; sometimes they’re the most important.”
  • “You’ll be great. Don’t try to be perfect parents; psych research says you only have to be ‘good enough.’”
  • “Help baby/child build and decorate a tree house. Travel often.”
  • “Be happy! Don’t worry! Life works out!”
  • “Read books with wonderful stories to your child.”
  • “Be good listeners and just love him dearly.”
  • “Be patient. Don’t sweat the small stuff. They grow up quick.”
  • “Always let him eat some of your raw chocolate chip cookie dough… salmonella be damned!”
  • “Learn to pick your battles; let the small stuff slide.”
  • “Good sense, love, and patience always work well. If you don’t know how to handle a situation, talk to your mother!”
  • “Always follow your own gut; no one will know your kids better than you!”
  • “For disputes between your kids: Never decide who is right or wrong. Always send them to a room and they will settle it, or assume they are both wrong.”
  • “After the middle of the night nursing, the father is in charge of the baby.”
  • “When people ask if your child sleeps through the night, just lie and say yes. It saves you all the extra sleep advice.”
  • “Make sure you enjoy him while he is little. He will grow up too fast.”
  • “Enjoy every minute of the baby’s childhood because they grow up too fast. When they’re little, they think you’re the center of the universe. As they grow older you’re always wrong.”
  • “The hardest job you’ll ever love! And it’s true. You’ll feel like your life will never be your own again… and it won’t, but it will be a new and rewarding life.”
  • “When your child is too quiet, double-check they are still in their room.”
  • “Never wake a sleeping baby.”
  • “Make sure you still make time for yourself and for your spouse after the baby arrives.”
  • “It doesn’t matter if your house is a mess and the dishes aren’t done, just have fun.”
  • “Sometimes you need to save your sanity; if the child will not stop crying, sometimes you need to put them in the crib and walk away.”
  • “Grab ‘quiet moments’ whenever and wherever you can.”
  • “Keep a bottle of wine or vodka on the chill. A relaxed parent is always a happy parent. ‘No’ is a good word to use frequently.”
  • “Cultivate an early love for reading; make books part of your everyday routine. Read chapter books aloud in addition to children’s books. Make weekly trips to the library as a fun, family affair.”
  • “The baby will arrive little, naked, and without instructions. Don’t worry though because you will be given lots of advice from family and friends. Just thank them, remember the helpful bits, and let the rest go. Enjoy your little gift from God and don’t worry too much about how you raise your baby. In ten years it will all be wrong.”
  • “Be there. Above and beyond everything else! Love and enjoy your most wonderful, interesting, and fascinating child.”

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  1. So glad I stumbled onto your blog today. We have read a LOT of the same books. I haven’t reviewed books on my blog, in part because I have four children, and, well, now that you have one, you know what that does to your supply of free time.

    I’m writing a book on parenting now (not an advice book, but an analysis of why we need — and are driven crazy by — all those advice books) and am interested to hear how someone who has read and thought as deeply as you have handled the momentous changes a little one brings into our lives.

    I look forward to exploring your blog and reading more.

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