“Off the Field Excellence: Life” by Joe Kita, Men’s Health October 2015

I find myself drawn to Joe Kita’s practical advice. Here is a link to the original article. Part of the reason I publish these posts is to remind myself of the little lessons I pick up here and there. Here are a few of them.

  1. A Personal Pep Talk
    1. Mind: Whatever the odds, you will get the job done. You can. You will. We must. By any means necessary. In any facet of your life, mindset is huge. What you’re telling yourself is critical. No excuses. No complaining. It’s your will, not your skill. You need grit. Perseverance. Resolve. Intestinal fortitude. Clench your teeth. Finish the job. Mental and physical toughness. Never quit! I will die before I give up.
    2. Strategy: One play at a time. Don’t judge! Good play, move on; bad play, move on. Don’t look at the scoreboard. Stick to the game plan. One meeting, one walk-through, one practice at a time. I’ll do my best, work hard, and take what life brings my way. We are not promised tomorrow, so do your best today. Work at your craft deliberately, then trust the process.
    3. Team: Serve! Do it for the man next to you. Know job, do job. Be a reason your team wins, not the Be your brother’s keeper. You can be counted on. The play does not care who makes it. Play hard, take no plays off, and be in position when the play shows up. Focus on execution. When things get out of whack, remember: No panic. Practice does not make perfect; practice makes permanent!
  2. Shift your Priorities: Live with a purpose. A person doesn’t achieve true greatness until he becomes aligned with his purpose and puts his abilities in action. Seek approval from yourself, not others.

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