Men’s Health: Simple Advice

  1. Keep her happy.
  2. Chew your food.
  3. Always say goodbye.
  4. Invest in shoes.
  5. Don’t be creepy.
  6. Keep your word.
  7. If late, call.
  8. Hit the cutoff.
  9. Count to ten.
  10. Ask more questions.
  11. Make out more.
  12. Practice the toast.
  13. Study the loss.
  14. Say you’re sorry.
  15. Don’t get sloppy.
  16. Make your point.
  17. Listen, don’t talk.
  18. Tell the truth.
  19. Do your homework.
  20. Lose the ear buds.
  21. Bring her flowers.
  22. Consider the source.
  23. Stop your whining.
  24. Go all in.
  25. Use vacation time.
  26. Take a honeymoon.
  27. Clean your tools.
  28. Facebook isn’t real.
  29. Maintain your focus.
  30. Hold the door.
  31. Get up early.
  32. Congratulate the winner.

Men’s Health (1-year auto-renewal) [Print + Kindle]

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